EXTENSIONS are artistic and somatic workshops based on dance, meditation, music, self-massage, improvisation… designed to extend the SOUND BODIES and SOUND BODIES FOR KIDS experience. Both playful and creative, EXTENSIONS workshops contribute to develop awareness and perception.

Massage and meditation workshops for adults

Body mapping in order to improve our body awareness, self-massage techniques and meditation in order to help relieve some physical and mental tensions.

Dance and improvisation workshops for children

Improve body perception, play a sound score of gestures and create a sound score of dance.

Family dance workshops

Share an artistic family activity, develop improvisation skills, play a sound score of gestures and creates a sound score of dance.

Outdoor meditation and dance workshops

The workshops combine meditation, dancing and hiking in nature and hence help reduce stress, depression and insomnia. They also help improve memory and attention and quite simply clear your mind…

Team :

Massimo Fusco : choreographer, dancer and Tui Na massage practitioner
Iris Medeiros : dancer and speaker
Fabien Almakiewicz : dancer and yoga teacher
King Q4 : musician and composer
Mai Ishiwata : dancer
Marine Combrade : dancer and specialist in Functional Anatomy for Dancers
Nans Pierson : dancer