Marine Combrade

Dancer and Specialist in Functional Anatomy for Dancers

Marine Combrade studied contemporary dance at the Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine directed by Brigitte Hyon. There she met Dominique and Françoise Dupuy. She took many workshops with them and joined the program «Pilates, Andrews, Dupuy : the machine in question» at the CND and, at the same time, she became a dance teacher. She spent three years at the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place.

Meanwhile her dance training, she obtained her master’s degree in Lettres Modernes in Paris by presenting a dissertation that crosses dance and literature: «Paul Valéry, Auguste Rodin, Edgard Degas : the body and its dance at the beginning of the 20th century».

After leaving school, she performed for various choreographers (Marc Vincent, Philippe Ducou, Daisy Fel, Jean-Christophe Boclé, …) and she developed choreographic work in collaboration with other artists in France and Europe (Néry Catineau, Paul Nguyen, Carl Harrison, Nicholas Reed, …). In 2011, she also became assistant choreographer (Marc Vincent, Daisy Fel, Camille Cau, François Laroche-Valière, Mélanie Perrier).

She teaches contemporary dance and Pilates machine work for professional dancers, dance and theatre students and beginners. Between 2012 and 2016, she opened up her field of reflexion on movement. She trained and graduated as a specialist in Functional Body Analysis in the Dance Movement. Since then, she has also taught functional anatomy and AFCMD for dancers preparing the state diploma in various institutions, and gesture analysis at Lille 3 University. Her anatomical knowledge and teaching skills are valuable tools she uses in the EXTENSIONS.