Nans Pierson


Born in 1988, Nans Pierson studied at the Paris Opera’s dance school. After a year of Trainee Program at the San Francisco Ballet, he joined the Paris Opera ballet for 4 years.

Then he decided to devote himself to contemporary dance and more particularly to research. He has been working for 8 years with the choreographer Noé Soulier on movement’s perception and interpretation and for 5 years with the choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing on the relationship between dance, new technologies (humanoid robots, drones, augmented reality…) and bodies in situ in social settings, particularly with people with disabilities.

He also performs in public space through the Estran project, led by Capucine Dufour and Marie Delaite, which questions our environment.

Since 2020, he has been leading choreography writing workshops with Les Hivernales in Avignon. His professional experience with children and adults with disabilities enrich the EXTENSIONS.