Christophe Poux

Technical manager

Christophe POUX followed a technical training before moving on to Art History and Theatre.

As a technical director of contemporary dance companies, he worked with choreographers such as Daniel LARRIEU since 1990, Mié COQUEMPOT, Alain BUFFARD, Lionel HOCHE, Dominique BRUN, Sylvain PRUNENEC, Emmanuelle HUYNH and ensures tours in France and abroad.

He worked with Odile DUBOC, Boris CHARMATZ, Laurence RONDONI, Olivier DUBOIS. He also collaborated with Jérome DUCROS and Jérome PERNOO on Beethoven concerts and he set up the LA ROCHE POSAY music festival ” Les vacances de monsieur Haydn ” with Jérome PERNOO. He worked with directors such as Séverine CHAVRIER and David LESCOT at the Seine Musicale under the direction of Laurence EQUILBEY and he took part in an opera with the 2E2M ensemble.

He coordinated the technical direction of venues such as the CCN of Tours with Daniel LARRIEU and dance festivals such as ” les Inaccoutumés “, ” Étrange Cargo ” at the Ménagerie de Verre (Paris) or ” C’est Comme Ça ” at L’échangeur Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National located in Château Thierry. He has also coordinated the technical direction of exceptional evenings : « the 30 Years of the National Choreographic Centers » at the National Theater of Chaillot in 2015.

He is actually in charge of Astrakan company, A48, Les porteurs d’ombre, K622 and he prepares the « Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine Saint Denis”, the ” Swiss Selection in Avignon ” and  ” C’est Comme ça “. He also advises artists such as Sophie LALY and Xavier VEILHAN on their installations and collaborates with Emilie PELUCHON on a training program for young artists in the choreographic field. He supports young creators such as Lou CANTOR and Massimo FUSCO.